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Micro Piling Solutions

Our mini piling equipment is particularly suited to working inside and around domestic or commercial properties where low headroom or limited access is a challenge. This method of piling is ideal for work in locations where the use of larger piling systems would be impossible.​

Restricted access piling rig operating inside house

Mini Piling Applications

The challenges presented by the increasing density of building development in London is one that requires constant innovation. Mini piling provides solutions to these challenges by allowing more robust construction projects to take place in confined or congested areas. An example of this is using mini piles to support a new basement installation under an old house that may have been originally constructed over a hundred years ago.

Applications of mini piling include:

  • Extensions to commercial and domestic properties

  • New builds and brown field developments 

  • Basement construction 

  • Underpinning to support existing structures

  • Retaining walls and king post installation

How It Works

Mini piles can range in sizes from 100 mm - 400 mm in diameter and can be installed using specialised piling rigs that are designed to operate in confined areas. Take our T15000 mini piling rig for example. It comprises a 1.7 tonne drill that is mounted on rubber crawler tracks. Its minimum operating dimensions — 720 mm wide by 2250 mm high — ensures it can easily be manoeuvred through a standard household doorway.

Once the rig has gained access on site it can deliver a respectable 15000 Nm of torque. With the added benefit of out-riggers, together with a side tilting mast, it is ideal for setting up on unprepared sites and therefore does not necessarily require the installation of a piling mat prior to drilling. The rig also comes with a super silenced 44 kW whisper power pack that can easily be detached and used up to 50.0 meters away from the piling platform, ideal for works inside and around domestic properties. 

The logistics of getting the right equipment on site requires just as much time and attention as carrying out the drilling itself. Therefore we always consider carefully the equipment available and conditions on site during the quoting stages.

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