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About Driven Piling

Driven piles are hammered into the ground using piling rigs which deliver vibration to the piles in order to reach the required depth. The piles can be formed using steel, concrete, timber, or a combination of these, such as with steel case piles which are driven into the ground and then filled with concrete once installed.

Increased Bearing Capacity

When a pile is driven into the ground it displaces and compacts the ground around it, which in some conditions has the advantage of increasing the ground's bearing capacity. This can help keep the cost of piling down as higher loads can be achieved with a smaller pile. 


Driven piles can be manufactured off-site, either in part or in full, which allows for efficient installation once on site. Another advantage to prefabrication is that concrete piles can be allowed to cure before work commences, which means once they are installed they will be ready to handle the required loads. Therefore the rest of the build can take place sooner, helping projects stay on schedule.

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