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Full Foundation Services

Our in house engineers can provide a full design and structural calculation service. We work closely with architects, local authorities, builders, and private clients to ensure that the right designs and cost efficient methods are selected to carry out their projects. Beyond pile design and installation we can take on many other aspects of groundwork, from installing drainage to preparing foundations for building and block work to commence.

Piled Foundations by London Piling Ltd

Ground Beams

It is common for projects that involve piling to use ground beams. Once piling is complete we can excavate the ground to a width and depth required or use shutters above ground as per design. Reinforcement is then placed and the pile reinforcement tied into the ground beam. After inspection by the relevant authorities the beam will be concreted, creating a solid base for block and brick works.


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5 Types of Pile Foundation

There's a number of ways to construct and install the different types of piling foundations... 

Piled Rafts and Concrete Slabs

Reinforced concrete slab or raft foundations are an alternative to ground beams where increased depth is a concern. The slab is excavated shortly after the piling work is completed, and layers of reinforced steel mesh are then placed on to the piles often above a layer of void former. The concrete is then poured and levelled providing a solid, even base to build upon.

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