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CFA Piling Solutions

Our CFA piling rigs use concrete pumping technology in order to cast concrete piles within the ground. Once we have drilled to the required depth, concrete can be delivered to the hole directly through the hollow auger stems in one continuous action as the auger is removed.

The concrete pressure can be monitored using on board computers and changed depending on the depth and diameter of the pile, the type of concrete being used, and the type of soil surrounding the pile. In some form or another, the CFA piling technique has been used in the UK for over 50 years and is now one of the most common methods used in the piling industry.

CFA Piling rig drilling in London

Suitable For All Ground Conditions

One of the main benefits of CFA piles is their suitability for a wide range of challenging soil types. In some cases an open bore pile is not a viable option, as the wall around the pile may be prone to collapse after the auger is removed and before concrete can be poured. CFA rigs solve this challenge by removing the soil and pouring concrete at the same time, before there is any chance for soil collapse to occur.

Speed of Installation

On sites where there is sufficient access and headroom, a single auger can be used to reach the required depth in one swoop, which expedites the installation process and can be more efficient than using sectional augers (which have to be attached and reattached one by one as the auger drills and is removed).

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