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Domestic and commercial piling for extensions, basements and new builds.


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Piling and Foundation Company

We are piling contractors in London that specialise in the provision of piling and concrete works to domestic extensions, basements, new builds and commercial developments.

London Piling contractors offer a full service and can install all types of piling necessary for the ground conditions encountered throughout London. We also provide a full piling design and calculation service, working closely with our clients at all times to ensure the right design and most cost effective methods are selected for their piling projects. 


Our specialised piling rigs and experience working on sites with restricted access allows us to offer a wide range of solutions, including mini piling for domestic and commercial extensions, as well as retaining works for basements and new builds in and around the London area.

Full design & installation solutions for your extension or new build.

Small and powerful piling rigs for restricted access sites.

Continuous flight auger piling rigs for open access sites.

Raft and slab foundations for extensions and new builds.

Piled retaining wall solutions for temporary works and basements.

Ground beams and capping beams for piled foundations.


I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for what you have done at the WHEC. You have done an incredible job and they will be very pleased.

Bridget Dixon, Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre


The Advantages of Using Piled Foundations

Protection From Ground Movement

Our piled foundations can be designed with a void to the underside, effectively suspending them from the ground, negating the pressure exerted by expanding clay.

Stable Alternative to Deep Trenches

The hazards caused by deep excavations can be prevented using piles to support your foundation by penetrating the ground in carefully selected, predefined locations.

Less Waste Than Other Methods

Piling can reduce the cost of muck away and limit the removal of spoil from site. This is especially useful on sites with restricted access and produces a smaller carbon footprint.

Full Design &

Installation Packages

As piling contractors we work closely with our clients at all times to ensure the right design and most cost efficient methods are selected to carry out their piling projects.

Gain Access 

In Restricted Locations

Our equipment is custom built to work in and around existing buildings allowing us to install piles at almost any location - an effective solution for extensions and development in the city.

Quick Response &

Effective Lead Time

Our location and efficient mobilisation system means we can cover all areas of London and the South-East effectively and without delay. Helping your project run safely and on schedule.


The Piling Process

Drawing of extension foundation

1. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your project. We will go over any plans or designs that you have and can arrange a meeting to survey the site and discuss your requirements in more detail if requested.

After carefully evaluating your project requirements we will supply a quote based on the most cost effective means and safest methods to carry out the piling works. If requested we can also supply an estimate for the full foundation design & installation so that you can build off what we provide.

Piling contractor drilling a foundation

2. Once we have received an order for the works we will arrange with you a date to begin installing the piled foundation.  We generally require just five days notice before commencement.


When piling begins our team of experienced operators will ensure that all work is carried out safely and efficiently. We regularly service domestic projects and believe that every care should be taken to ensure disturbances to homeowners and surrounding structures is kept to the bare minimum. 

Pile foundation reinforced concret raft

3. If you have opted for us to install the full foundation we will arrange to meet your local building control so that they can check the foundation prior to completion. Once the local authority is satisfied we will pour the concrete and finish at a level suitable for your brickwork to be laid.


Our team will then begin clean up to ensure a clear work-space is ready for you to commence building works once the concrete has dried. If you have any more questions about the piling process please do not hesitate to contact us.


With no obligations, quick response time and no hidden costs.

Good construction starts from the ground up and it's important to ensure that care is taken at every step of the process. 


We understand the importance of quality construction work and for over 10 years have helped our clients ensure their piling projects get off the ground safely, efficiently, and on time.

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